Redesign of my portfolio

Little about me

I am a Front End Developer and an amateur photographer. I am always up for learning something cool/new.

Little about my portfolio

I have been thinking about redesigning my website for quite some time. But I just didn’t want to start creating another HTML, CSS, JS static website. My main aim was to create a new website and learn new JS framework along the way. I started looking into Vue.js and it got me really excited honestly because of the easier learning curve than React.

My portfolio is combination of Nuxt.js and blog on GraphCMS. It is being hosted on Netlify which I think is one of the best place to host your static sites right now. I have started working on this somewhere in February and still it is nowhere near to make it live but I did it anyway. I always felt that it’s not perfect and requires some change and all. But last Tuesday, I just decided to make it live.

This is my first blog on my website and I intend to write more. My blogs will be more similar to TIL (Today I learned) sections with short demo link and code. I'll try to make it interesting and learn something along the way.